ICCON launches chemical security, safety programme

THE Institute of Chartered Chemists of Nigeria (ICCON) has launched Chemical Security and Safety Programme as part of initiative to tackle chemical terrorism, theft and diversion for use by unauthorized persons constituting health hazards and threat to national security.

President of ICCON, Professor Fanna Abdulrahman, made this known on Monday in Abuja at the Institute’s 18th Mandatory Continuing Programme Development (MCPD), induction, and Annual General Meeting (AGM).

ICCON is a regulatory body established by ICCON Act CAP I.12 LFN 2004 (formerly Decree No. 93 of 1993) and is charged with the responsibility of regulating the practice of the chemistry profession in Nigeria.

Abdulrahman, said the Institute was concerned about the indiscriminate and rampant use of chemical in Nigeria, noting that Chemical Security and Safety programme was designed to ensure the safety and security of workers and chemical facilities from many threats in the country including chemical terrorism, biohazards, insider threats, theft and diversion for use.

According to her, a lot diseases common in the country could be traced to indiscriminate use of chemicals in the country.

Over 180 Chemists are to be inducted as members of ICCON while investiture of 25 persons would be done as fellows of the Institute of Chartered Chemists of Nigeria on Tuesday.

ICCON President further revealed that the Institute has begun indexing of chemistry students from 100 levels in the Universities across the country.

She said the essence of this exercise was to monitor and improve the yearly intake and output of the chemistry students, mentor, and chart a career path for all the graduates of chemistry.

Abdulrahman while noting that the Institute is working in collaboration with the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) and sister organisations, assured members that chemistry professionals in Nigeria were fast taking up their positions in the Nigerian chemical industry.

“This milestone was made possible because we were able to register about one hundred chemical companies as well as other companies importing chemicals in the past year.

“For each registration, it is mandatory that companies have at least a chemist in their employ. We will continue to do more to ensure that more chemists are employed in their rightful positions.

“Furthermore, the Institute recently commenced the issuance of practicing license to eligible members in February 2023. This policy is to ensure that only qualified and up-to-date chemists are allowed to practice in the country,” stated.

She challenge the entire membership of ICCON to join hands in helping the Institute reposition the chemical industry in the country.

Registrar and Chief Executive Officer of ICCON, Chemist Jwalshik Wilford, in his remark, said the 18th MCPD is one of the Institute’s series of refresher courses designed to update members on the new trends in the chemical sciences.

He said the theme of the event, “Chemistry for Better Health” was designed to highlight research in medicine and development into the modern age through chemistry; entrench green chemistry throughout medicine research and development process, to reduce environmental impacts, lower the overall price of healthcare and increase global access to medicines; and many more.


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