Professionalism in Chemistry

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Latest News

November 30, 2023  By : icconadmin
ICCON Holds A Workshop Programme and Induction Ceremony

ICCON Holds A Workshop Programme and Induction Ceremony

In a bid to promote excellence in the field of chemistry and its application to.Read More

November 29, 2023  By : icconadmin
ICCON launches chemical security, safety programme

ICCON launches chemical security, safety programme

THE Institute of Chartered Chemists of Nigeria (ICCON) has launched Chemical Security and Safety Programme.Read More

November 28, 2023  By : icconadmin

About Us

ICCON is a professional regulatory body statutorily charged with the responsibility of regulating the teaching, learning, and the practice of Chemistry Profession in Nigeria

iccon membership

Membership Categories

  • Fellow
  • Honourary Fellow
  • Member
  • Corporate Member
  • Honourary Member
  • Graduate Member

ICCON Vision

The ICCON vision is “to recreate situations around us that will impact positively on the nation, while providing professional protection to our members.”

Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Safety and Security
  • Team Work

ICCON Overview

ICCON is a professional regulatory body statutorily charged with the responsibility of regulating the teaching and professional practice of Chemistry profession in Nigeria. ICCON is under the Federal Ministry of Health.

Since 1946 when Nigeria’s first chemistry graduate, the late Professor Stephen Oluwole Awokoya bagged his B.Sc from the University of London, the country has produced generations of chemists for various sectors of the economy. But there was yet no government-recognized regulatory body to regulate the practice of chemists in Nigeria.







Honorary Members


Honorary Fellows

Our Mandate

ICCON is statutorily charged with the responsibility to regulate the teaching, learning, and standard best practice of Chemistry

Determining what standards of knowledge and skill are to be attained by persons seeking to be registered as Chemists and raising these standards as situations may warrant.

Training and re-training of its members through Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (MCPD) and other capacity-building programmes.

Development and review of standards and regulations for chemicals production, usage, and management from time to time.

Promotion of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises and self-reliant activities through skills acquisition programmes for Chemists.

Promote ethical and responsible application of chemistry for national development by issuing guidelines and code of conduct for  professional practice of chemistry and reviewing of such guidelines from time to time

Professionalizing the practice of Chemists by exercising regulatory authority and control over all persons in private or public organizations and corporate bodies manufacturing, importing, selling, and handling all forms of chemicals.

Auditing the quality of chemical personnel in manufacturing outfits to ensure conformity with standards.

Implementation of National and International conventions/agreements on chemicals and Chemical management to ensure the safety of human health and the environment.

To conduct standardization and accreditation of Chemistry courses at all educational levels in collaboration with relevant stakeholders

Establishing and maintaining a register, licensed personnel, and chemical companies engage in research, analysis, certification, management, marketing, distribution, use, and disposal of any manner of chemicals and chemical products either imported, exported, or manufactured in Nigeria.

Promoting research and development (R&D) and proffering solutions on Chemical-related issues within the country.

Responsible for information/data collation, processing, and dissemination on chemical usage and management to stakeholders and Government authorities for policy formulation.