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1. To put in place regulatory framework/strategies for the practice of the Chemistry profession 2. To define the roles and responsibilities of the professional Chemists and their place in the society 3. To bring to light how Nigeria’s economy can be recreated positively through Chemistry


Access to Professional Community
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Membership of ICCON cuts across chemists in different spheres of practice (.the academia, industries, research institutes, public service, private entrepreneurship etc.) nationwide. Hence, the Institu

Professional Recognition / Protection
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As a body established by law, the statutory mandates of ICCON, in addition to regulating the professional practice of chemists, include the provision of professional “shield” for its members. ICCO

Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Programmes
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This is one of the requirements for the continued validity of membership of the Institute; and is essentially meant to keep members abreast of current trends in the world of chemistry, as well as prov

Renewal of Membership
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Members of the Institute are required to renew their membership by satisfying the criteria set by the Governing Council. Such criteria include the payment of annual dues and attendance to the Institut

Annual Dues
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Annual Dues are applicable to all categories of members, except the Honorary Fellows. The dues for each category of membership are determined by the Council and are renewable annually

Professional Qualifying Examination
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The professional qualifying examination for admission into the Institute is based on syllabus approved by the Council from time to time. Similarly, modalities for upgrading of membership category are

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An intending member of the Institute should possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or Higher National Diploma (.HND.) in Chemistry or Chemistry – related discipline, e. g Biochemistry, Food Scie

Designatory Letters
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A member of the Institute is entitled to use the following designatory letters after his/her name according to the category of membership: MICCON - Member of the Institute of Chartered Chemists of Ni

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There are six categories of membership, namely:- • Fellow • Honourary Fellow • Member • Corporate Member • Honourary Member • Graduate Member

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A Chartered Chemist is a person who, having obtained the requisite academic qualifications and satisfied the criteria set by the Institute’s Governing Council has been formally inducted into and enr

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ICCON is statutorily charged with the responsibility to regulate the teaching, learning and standard best practice of Chemistry by: 1. Determining what standards of knowledge and skill are to be atta

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The Institute of Chartered Chemists of Nigeria (.ICCON.), established by Decree 91 of 1993 (.now ICCON ACT, CAP I.12 LFN 2004.), is a professional regulatory body statutorily charged with the responsi